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Best Teak Cutting Board Edge Grain, End Grain Sets, Block

Teak is one of the best wood materials to make a cutting board from. They are hard, durable and should last for years providing the proper care is taken of them. A teak cutting board should be washed in warm soapy water and dried immediately to prevent water from seeping into the wood. Most wooden cutting boards should not go in a dishwasher to be cleaned, just like any other wooden kitchen utensils. It is also a good idea to take care of your teak cutting board by applying a light application of oil occasionally to keep the wood from drying out. Edge or end grain wood is the hardest and best for butcher block style board which will be used for heavy cooking tasks. A heavy duty cutting board is a must for any cooking prep area and kitchen accessories collection. These can be used for carving meats or tenderizing tasks. Smaller boards can be solid. Some chefs prefer edge grain woods where the wood is put together in strips because it is less likely to show cut marks in the surface. End grains are put together in small blocks to form a true butcher block. No matter which you buy, teak is a beautiful, hard wood that will make for a great cooking tool for years to come. Teak cutting boards are a great wedding gift idea, or for the chef on your holiday gift giving list. They can also be the best housewarming presents for a new home or given at a bridal shower as a newlywed present. A high quality cutlery set deserves the best cutting board.