Wine Bottle Ice Bucket with Stand

Ice Bucket with Stand โ€“ Wine or Champagne Bottle Chiller, Cooler

Designed to set next to a table and be within easy reach when entertaining, an ice bucket with stand is a must for any wine enthusiast or for people who love to entertain. An ice bucket on a stand is a simple cooler or chiller usually made to hold a single bottle of wine or champagne, or whatever drinks you are serving guest. They are for sale in single units that come with both the bucket and stand or as a stand alone to set an existing ice bucket in. Some buckets have lids and covers so you may use them buffet style for storing ice cubes alone in to refresh drinks or add cubes to glasses and tumblers for mixed drinks at a home bar. The stands are table top level and portable to be placed next to a dining table for a wine cooler at dinner, or to set next to a buffet table for guests to pour their drinks from and keep it chilled during parties. They may be used outdoors by a pool side or on a patio or deck for outdoor dining and entertaining. Most are easy to store and can be placed in a closet or cabinet when not in use. An ice bucket with stand typically features three legs and is narrow to fit in small spaces although some can be larger to hold a large ice bucket or beverage tub to hold multiple bottles or drink containers. Stylish and elegant, they are a great kitchen tool for any host or hostess to add to their serving ware collection and make the best housewarming gifts. Buy Ice Bucket with Stand Floor Standing Champagne or Wine Bottle Chiller.