Wine Bottle Chiller Single Bottle Coolers, Sleeve

Wine Chiller Buckets and Bottle Sleeves

Maybe you have kept wine cooled in a suitable wine refrigerator or the kitchen fridge, but what about when the bottle has been opened and being drunk? At a fine quality restaurant, when wine is ordered, they likely presented it in either a metal or marble tube which had been stored in a freezer. Keeping wine in a chilled holder or ice bucket can guarantee that it does not become warm while you’re eating dinner, drinking and enjoying the company you are with. The alternatives to keeping wine bottles chilled are either a metal or marble chiller, an ice bucket, or if you are an enthusiast, there are eclectic chillers which keep wine at a specific temperature. Each of these can be a great way to keep wine cool as it is being enjoyed. Just place the vintage in the chiller or cooler, add some ice and a little water to allow for decent ice bath in order to maintain the temperature as guests are drinking it. Several shops sell an electric chiller for a single or double bottle table top coolers.

For those who like to host home parties and entertain often, consider buying a wine bottle chiller or wine cooler. A versatile wine bottle cooler is a handy accessory for any enthusiasts home. They are the best way to display a single bottle of wine to serve with dinner, or when you wish to set one aside from the rest of your collection. Perhaps there is bottle which was purchased on a trip to in France, or possibly it is only a bottle from the store that you consider a favorite, wine bottle holders are a fine choice instead of simply setting it on a counter top. Bottles should not be stood up since the cork may dry out and ruin the vintage, therefore not merely does a wine holder present a favored bottle, it as well presents it in the proper manner. A few wine chillers likewise double for wine servers, which makes it an even more handy accessory to add to a barware collection. Apart from only displaying a bottle of wine, a chiller can be a excellent way to serve company Chardonnay or Merlot during a dinner party. From traditional designs to sleek contemporary stainless steel, wine chillers can be a conversation piece along with as a wonderful way to display and pour drinks.

Single bottle wine coolers also make a great host or hostess gift. Have you ever been invited to a dinner party and arrived with a hostess gift of bottle of wine in a market shopping sack or brown paper bag from the liquor store? Doing this can be an awkward start to a pleasant evening when you arrive with a wine bottle in a plain bag. An alternative to the bag is a decorative wine cooler sleeve. Some chillers are designed to carry a single bottle or hold multiple, and they are a much more attractive and sophisticated way of carry and present wine as a gift. You can buy one to match your hosts home decorating and they will use it for years. A few can even hold stemware, a perfect idea for occasions such as a beautiful picnic in a park.