Vegetable Slicer Machines Spiral Chop Dice or Shred

Vegetable Slicer Machine Spiral Chop Dice Shred

Chop, ribbon spiral cut, dice, slice or shred. A handy cooking tool and kitchen accessories is a vegetable slicer. They can make any cooking task easier and are useful for any meal. From slicing potatoes for hash browns at breakfast or french fries at a dinner meal, slicing tomatoes for a sandwich at lunch or quickly cutting up fruits for a dessert or onions for a baking recipe. A family favorite is spiral cut curly fries or carrots. A vegetable slicer is a kitchen tool which usually is for sale in a set which includes multiple blades for different kitchen uses. The blades can be sized for thin slice, extra thin julienne or medium width for making shoestring potatoes French fries. They can also be used for thinly sliced onions, carrots, peppers, firm tomatoes, potatoes, fruit, apples, and other food. When cooking for a large group it is an irreplaceable cooking utensil. Some are designed to cut food over a bowl or cutting board while others feature funnel shoots to chop vegetables into a bowl. Some even come with a built in shredder catcher to catch food as it is sent through the machine. Most are easy to assemble and come apart for easy storage. They may be washed by hand or be dishwasher safe depending upon the model you buy. Electric units plug into wall outlets while others are hand crank manual models so they may be used anywhere. Buy kitchen gadgets – vegetable slicer mandoline and electric machines.