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Vegetable Peelers – Kitchen Tools

Peeling vegetables is a frequent cooking task for food prep in any kitchen It can be a chore particularly if you have a lot of food to prepare. Most homes have at least one type in their cooking utensils drawer, if not a few.There are several styles of vegetable peelers for sale as kitchen gadgets and cooling tools to help cook who are a professional or for home use. Since you can buy so many designs you should shop for the best one to add to your kitchen accessories. An important issue to think of when picking out a vegetable peeler is that it should cut the thinnest strip of vegetable skin. Not just for economical reasons but many types of produce, for example potatoes and carrots store the majority of their nutrients in the outer layer of the flesh. Types of peelers – a Y peeler is named for its shape. It looks like a razor and it best for thick skinned vegetables like potatoes. The common peeler is a straight unit with a single blade and handle. Often the handle has a layer of plastic or silicone on it for a better grip. The blade itself is often stainless steel. Ceramic vegetable peelers are made with ceramic blades and never need sharpening, will not bend or rust. This makes them perfect for fruit such as apples pr pears since a ceramic peeler will not leave brown spots. Some cooks use electric vegetable peelers to automatically skin large quantities of food. This is great for baking pies or cooking mashed potatoes. An electric vegetable peeler is not a cooking tool for small amounts of food, a hand held model is the best pick for small tasks.