Travel Chopsticks Set with Case Metal, Bamboo, Lacquer Enamel

Japanese Chinese Chopsticks Travel Set with Case or Gift Box

Made of Stainless Steel,plastic bamboo or lacquer, buy traditional Chinese Japanese chopsticks gift sets made of bamboo, stainless steel, natural wooden or lacquer finish for stylish Asian cooking or serving oriental style meals at a dinner party. For anyone who enjoys cooking or even take out Asian food, a set of traditional chopsticks should be in your servingware set. They are fun at small dinner parties when entertaining friends, or for when you have Chinese takeout with the family. Typically chopsticks are made out of bamboo or wood but they can also have a decorative lacquer finish. Some are even stainless steel for every day use. Since they are such simple designs there will be a set for sale that will match your kitchen dish and serving plates. Many are for sale in gift box sets for giving special presents to friends and family members who serve Japanese food or do any Asian cooking. For serving sushi or take out, or for giving as gifts. traditional Japanese chopsticks are fun and unique.

Japanese and Chinese chopsticks are slightly different in style and design.
Japanese chopsticks are typically made from lacquered wood or bamboo.
Chinese chopsticks are typically made from unfinished wood or bamboo
Chinese chopsticks are commonly about 10.5″ long
Japanese chopsticks are generally about 9″ long
Japanese chopsticks taper to a pointed end
Chinese chopsticks taper to a blunt end