Tortilla Warmers – Terra Cotta, Stoneware, Ceramic or Fabric Bags

Like the name says, a tortilla warmer is a cooking tool for heating tortillas and keeping them warm. They can also be used for crepes, pancakes, cheese, waffles, flat bread or pita bread.

A warm tortilla can be softer and more pliant than a cold tortilla,making wrapping filling and ingredients in them more easily. That can be perfect for Mexican food meals such as fajitas, tacos or burritos.

Warm tortillas as well have a more mellow flavor which goes well with the food inside them. Even though there are a variety of designs or styles of tortilla warmers , they typically function the same. They can be made of terra cottoa, microwave safe plates, cloth fabric and stoneware.

Kitchen tools and cooking utensils for making Mexican food

To use a tortilla warmer, pull apart individual tortillas so they won’t stick together. Set the tortillas inside a tortilla warmer container. Do not over fill the warmer basket.

The lid should be allowed to set snugly on top of the keeper if it’s full. Set in a warm oven to bake or microwave for cooking.

The time will be according to how many you are cooking. In a microwave oven, for corn tortillas, one to four tortillas takes 25 seconds, and up depending on how many you have. Flour tortillas will take a little less time.

Remove warmed tortillas from an oven or microwave and keep the top on until it is time to serve or fill. Tortillas should be eaten within thirty minutes to an hour of. Be careful when lifting the lid, particularly just after taking them out of a microwave. Hot steam can rise from the warmer after the lid has been removed.

Buy Tortilla Warmers made from terra cotta, ceramic, stoneware or fabric.