Tortilla Shell Bowl Maker Baked Taco Salad Pans

Tortilla Bowl Molds, Baking Pans for Taco Shell

Baking your own tortillas in an oven is a healthy choice for cooking taco salad bowls and they taste better than hard store bought shells which have been pre cooked. They are fresher and can be made in the size you prefer. A cooking tool to bake hard tortilla shells is a tortilla baking mold. These can come in large jumbo bowls to use as a salad serving bowl on a taco bar, medium sized pans for making a personal salad at home in your own kitchen or for a family dinner or mini tortilla maker pans for personal baked food or salad bowls. To cook hard shells you begin with soft taco shells and simply fit inside the pan by laying the tortilla bread along the interior. Bake until crisp in an oven and allow to cool down to room temperature, or immediately fill with hot food for hot dish. They can stay in an oven and be baked to your desired crispy texture. Tortilla shell makers can come featuring a non stick surface making them easy to remove from the pan after cooking. It is also bakeware which is most often dishwasher safe so can be easy to wash up after using. Also there is less mess to clean up since your serving bowl is edible instead of having to be washed later! For fun kitchen cooking utensils, they make great bridal shower gifts or housewarming presents. Buy Tortilla shell makers and oven baking pans to cook crispy taco salad bowls kitchen tools, cooking utensils.