Tier Cake Pan Sets – Multi Round 2, 3 or 4 Mini and Standard Sizes

Tier Cake Pans 2, 3, 4, 5 Tiered Wedding Birthday Mini Bakeware

A quality set of tiered cake pans is a great kitchen tool for any cook or baker’s kitchen. They will get more use than most people realize. A tier cake is easy to bake and makes a dramatic statement at any party when entertaining guests. Family and friends will be very impressed with such a fancy dessert. They will also save a lot of money by cooking your own and decorating one yourself instead of using a professional bakery. Bake a cake for a birthday party, celebration, the holidays or for a wedding reception or bridal shower. You could even make one for a delicious dessert after an ordinary family meal. Tier cake pans come in sets, sometimes they are springform pans or you may buy them as standard cake pans. They are designed in sets of two, three, four or five layers, each slightly smaller than the previous. For wedding cakes the layers are most often deeper than a standard pan for a tall, elegant cake. Frequently chefs will buy a three four or five layer set simply to have a full set and if they wish to bake a two layer cake only use the two largest pans. The possibilities for decorating a tiered cake are endless as are the flavors and recipes you may use to bake one. A set of tier cake pans makes the ideal gift for the chef or cook in your life, anyone who loves to bake or cook food. They are amazingly handy kitchen tools to add to a bakeware collection.