Taco Shell Mold Bake or Fryer Press Basket

Taco Shell Mold – Bake Basket, Bowl or Fryer Press

Tacos make a great meal for quick after school snacks for kids or a family dinner. They are also great for setting up taco bars when entertaining guests or hosting a home party. If you have never tried making homemade taco shells yourself in your own kitchen, it can be a great idea for delicious food.

Once you bake your own you will never eat store-bought products again. Cooking taco shells can be easy. You can either use a cooking tool called a taco press which can hold a tortilla in place for deep frying.

To cook these you can use your own tortilla recipe using cornmeal or buy pre-made at the store. Fryer taco presses can come in the classic folded over shell shape we are all familiar with or in basket shapes for taco salad. Another kitchen utensil for making homemade taco shells is the alternative of using the oven for cooking them.

Baked taco shells are healthy pick since they are not deep-fried. Cooking utensils for sale to make baked taco shell molds are oven safe pans in taco salad bowl shapes. These can come in non-stick surfaces and the shells are easily removed from the mold after baking.

Most are also dishwasher safe and simple to clean up after. Buy Taco Shell Press for fryer or taco shell molds for oven baking in basket or bowls.