Stackable Baking Cooling Rack Collapsible Wire Cookie or Cake

Bakers Stackable Cooling Racks for Cookies, Bread, Cake Collapsible Baking Racks

A quality set of cooling baking racks is a must have cooking tool in any kitchen accessories collection. cooks use them for baking cakes, breads, cookies and other pastry items. They come in wire grid waffle or slat designs, may feature nonstick surfaces to keep baked goods from sticking to them. A stackable cooling rack is made up of easy to stack shelves of narrow, evenly spaced wires designed to securely carry even small items without allowing food to slip through cracks in the grid while air is allowed to flow around baked goods or food freely. Tiered stackable cooling racks are a best space saving kitchen idea when counter top space may be in short supply. Instead of spreading out individual racks of batches of cookies as the come out of the oven hot, these racks can be set on top of each other. We have all baked cookies and taken up all the counter space in a kitchen while doing so! Some are oven safe, so flat breads can be cooked directly upon them heated back up while others should not be placed in a hot oven. Most are dishwasher safe and can be placed in a dishwasher to clean. You can stack as many as you want – one, two or three tier layers, or only use one for a recipe such as breads. A set of stackable cooling baking racks is a best gift idea for a cook or baker, or a bride would love a set for a wedding present or bridal shower gift. Or buy a set for your own kitchen cookware collection. buy