Soup Ladle with Spout or Strainer, Long Handle Spoons

Soup Ladle with Strainer or Without

Hook or straight handle. A soup ladle is a long handled cooking utensil designed specifically for cooking large or deep pots of soups and sauces. The handles are long to be able to reach into the bottom of deep stock pots and stir ingredients of a sauce, stock, stew or soup recipe. Many soup ladles feature a hook built into the end of the handle so that it may be left inside a pot while simmering but not fall into the pan. he hook is styled to catch onto the pans edge. The stirring end is usually larger than a big spoon and deeper for using the ladle as servingware to dish out a mean or sauce straight from the cooking pot. As serving utensils they can be handy kitchen tools, particularly in busy families where a pot may be left on a stove to simmer. Some soup ladles feature strainers built into the bowl shaped serving end for straining spices or ingredients used to cook a meal but which should be removed before serving, such as ham bones or bay leaves. Soup ladles are most often made of stainless steel to be string, durable and to be able to withstand the heat of being on a stove and dipped in boiling hot liquid but some are made from silicone or nylon materials. A good soup ladle is a must in any cookware and kitchen cooking tools collection. Buy Soup Ladle Spoons with Strainer or Without.