Sangria Pitcher Set Glass or Ceramic Spanish Pottery

Festive Sangria Pitcher Gift Sets with Glasses

Sangria is a delicious beverage made up of a wine punch with a fruit base. It is a traditional drink served in Spain. Usually sangria is made using red wine,and lots of seasonal fresh fruit. Topping it off is some bubbling water or citrus flavored soda. Sangria is simple to make, refreshing to drink and everyone loves it at parties or summer get together. It is the perfect beverage to serve when entertaining on a deck, patio or outdoors. Even people who don’t like wine love sangria. Although Spain had been claimed as origin for sangria, countries world wide have used a recipe of their own to blend a fruit filled wine punch which is refreshing and a great drink to serve with a wide array of food and meals. If you like to drink Sangria, unless a cook are mixing large bowls of sangria for a company, the best idea is to make it a single pitcher at one time. This way you store it in a refrigerator and the fruit may stay fresh and it may poured by the glass if you would like a drink. Traditional sangria pitchers feature a pinched shape pour spout. The pinched shape helps to catch cut up fruit chunks so that these do not fall in to a glass and splash while serving or pouring. The idea is for the fruit to stay inside the pitcher and flavor the wine and sparkling water mix. The majority of sangria pitchers have been made from pottery or brightly colored ceramic but contemporary versions also are made of glass. Pottery or ceramic functions as a natural insulator for the liquid and helps to maintain a cool temperature for sangria cool on a hot summer day.