Sandwich Container for Lunch Boxes with Ice Pack

Lunch box sandwich containers with ice packs, compartments plastic kids or adult

Wrapping a sandwich for a lunch box, picnic or brown bag lunch is plastic cling wrap does not always work out well for the food. They can get crushed or fall apart before it is time to st down and have a meal. A simple solution to packing food up to carry for a lunchtime meal is a plastic sandwich container. They are made to be the perfect size to fit anything from peanut butter and jelly to thicker meat sandwich with lettuce and tomato on it. They will keep your stacked food from slipping and condiments or ingredients from sliding out from between slices of bread along with stop sandwiches from being crushed. No one like eating a mushed sandwich! Made of plastic, a sandwich container has a snap on lid to keep food fresh and sealed without trouble. Most can be easy to clean and either wash by hand or some are dishwasher safe. They can be used for kids carry to school lunchbox or office brown bag meals. Or they can also be a best idea for day trips hiking or camping, or an afternoon outdoors. The plastic lid will seal your food and keep bugs and insects such as ants out. Buy a few and always have one for making tomorrows lunchbox. Moms particularly love them for kids school lunch and many are made in children’s colors or patterns to appeal to kids. Buy lunch box sandwich container with ice pack, compartments plastic kids or adult.