Reusable Sandwich Bags Lunch Plastic, Fabric Cloth Baggies

Reusable Sandwich Wrap Bag – Lunch Snack Containers in Lunchskins, Eco Friendly Materials

In today’s eco friendly and green homes there is an effort to reduce waste and cut back on use of plastic. One small way to help is through using reusable sandwich bags and snack containers. These are made just like the classic baggie style plastic bags you have used in a kitchen for years except they are washable and can be used again and again instead of throwing away and ending up in a land fill. Reusable bags can be used for school lunch for kids or brown bag lunch to an office. They come in many attractive patterns and designs for both kids food and adult. While they are designed to hold a sandwich they can be used for any type of dry snack from crackers to vegetable slices. Adult reusable sandwich bags can have flower or botanical prints or be in geometric shapes and designs while kids lunch box bags can feature favorite cartoon charterers and animals. Some come with funny or humorous pictures on the bag so you know which food is yours and your packed lunch can stop disappearing from the office refrigerator in the break room.Make the environmentally friendly choice and buy washable food containers. Most are machine washable in a washing machine or can be hand washed under a sink faucet and set out to dry in a standard kitchen dish drying rack.