Pullman Loaf Pan Bread Pain de Mie Sandwich Bakeware

Pullman Loaf Pan – Bakeware for Pain de Mie Sandwich Bread

A pullman pan is specialty cookware chefs and bakers love. It is more narrow than a standard loaf pan and is for making perfectly shaped square slices of bread that have very thin or little crusts. Usually a pullman pan features a slide on lid or snap on cover to keep bread moist and thick, along with prevent the loaves from rising over the edges of the pan and forming a crunchy crust. They are most often used for baking sandwich breads for same size slices or pain de mie breads, They may also be the best bakeware for desserts such as pound cake. Some models are designed to come with a non stick or no stick surface to easily remove food from pan once it is properly cooled down. Others are aluminum and steel for a durable, long lasting finish and a surface that is less likely to get scratched up or marked by knife cuts.They make great kitchen accessories for anyone who enjoys cooking or baking, and their unique shape is designed to create perfect loaves every time. The bread itself tend to be thicker and more moist than standard breads but also much easier to slice and make sandwiches from since all of the pieces are uniform. A pullman loaf pan is the best gift idea for the baker or cook on your gift giving list during a holiday or as a birthday present, or as a wedding gift for a new couple. Or buy one for yourself and start baking healthy bread or wonderful desserts for family and friends to enjoy.