Pound Cake Pan Loaf in Aluminum, Nonstick Steel Bakeware

Pound Cake Loaf Pans – Aluminum, Nonstick, Steel Bakeware

Pound cake is a traditional food for get together and entertaining as a moist dessert that doesn’t have the sweetness of a traditional cake with frosting. Pound cake is something you can serve to your family for every day meals and dress up with fruit and whipped cream toppings, even ice cream. Pound cake may be made in loaf or tube form or in a bundt cake, but is most often made in loaf bakeware. Traditionally made in tube shape, you can buy pound cake pans made from a variety of materials. Aluminum and steel are common choice among bakers and chefs. These are heavy duty and durable, usually made thick and strong. A good piece of aluminum or steel bakeware can last for years. Cooks can also buy nonstick or no stick bakeware with coatings designed to make the cake slide out of the pan easier once it has been baked. Pound cake pans come in different lengths so baking time will vary depending on the size of the loaf pan. A loaf pan specifically designed to bake pound cake in is a valuable tool in any kitchen cookware collection. They are great gifts for bridal showers or wedding presents, along with being a best housewarming gift idea. Bake a pound cake in a loaf pan and give someone the cake inside the loaf pan, and let them keep the bakeware to add to their cooking tools.