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A potato masher is a simple yet handy cooking too which is made up of of a straight or sideways handle attached to a mashing head. The mashing heads are usually large gauge wire thick which is not flexible but instead steady and firm in a rounded zig zag shape. The thick wire gauge potato mashers are used to make mashed potatoes if you and your family prefers a whipped style dish. Another design or type is a plate featuring holes or slits cut into it to form a grid shape. These are used for smooth dishes or for mashing vegetables and fruit to a fine smooth texture. A grid potato masher is also the best pick for making homemade baby food. Simple styles designed from a single piece of wood were originally used during the Victorian era, prior to today’s modern designs which are now found in kitchens. The first contemporary style was patented in 1847 by a man named Lee Copeman. He came up with the idea out of his liking for lump free, smooth mashed potatoes. Uses for potato mashers are simple. They are a kitchen took to mash an assortment of foods, however most typically potatoes, which is where their name is from. . Other common uses include mashing rutabagas or pumpkins for cooking soup, preparing hummus, chili, guacamole, egg salad, baking mix, mashing yams or sweet potatoes for a casserole or sometimes purees. Most are made out of stainless steel with easy grip handles and are dishwasher safe. Buy vegetable and potato mashers kitchen gadgets.