Potato Bin Storage Containers Basket, Bag or Canister

Potato Storage Bins – Basket, Cabinet, Sack or Kitchen Canister

Potatoes are a of the vegetables used often in cooking so we frequently keep a lot of them in the kitchen. As a result of their long storage life a cook may keep potatoes for several months if stored in the correct conditions. An indication that potatoes are kept incorrectly is when they show signs of rot or growth. There are methods of storing potatoes which might help to save on grocery bills and limit waste by allowing you to store potatoes for lengthy periods of time. These suggestions are good for home gardeners for their garden potatoes or people who buy them in a grocery store and want to keep extra potatoes out of a five pound bag. First you need to cure potatoes. Lay the potatoes on a layer of newspaper and set in a dark, cool area. In around two weeks, the skins of the potatoes should be thick and dry. That technique provides for more storage time in the long run. Sweep any large chunks of dirt off of the surface of the skin. Do not wash the potatoes before storing. If they are damp at all this could cause stored potatoes to decay. Go through the potatoes and take out any that have broken skins or bruising or damage. Damaged vegetables need to be used at once rather than put in storage. Layer the potatoes for storage in baskets, ventilated kitchen canisters, sacks or ventilated boxes and bins. Include a layer of newspaper between every potato layer. Newspaper can help prevent light off the potatoes. Light may cause potatoes to turn green, which means you will not be able to eat them. Light could likewise cause stored potatoes to start sprouting and cut back on their shelf life. Potato Storage bins for sale in basket, cabinet style, countertop kitchen canister or sack containers.