Poached Egg Pans with Insert Stove Top Poacher

Egg Poacher Pans with Inserts – Stainless Steel Nonstick Poached Eggs Cookware

An egg poaching pan with inserts is a great kitchen tool to add to a home cookware collection. It is a specialized addition to a set of pots and pans, designed specifically for making poached eggs. The idea is simple – an insert fits snugly on top of a skillet type pan to hold egg cops. Water is boiled on a stove top inside the skillet, then smaller inserts act as cups to drop raw eggs in to be boiled inside the cups without actually dropping a raw egg in boiling water. Poaching eggs in the standard old fashioned method can be messy and difficult. It involves dropping the raw egg directly in a pan of boiling water, swirling the water as it is dropped to avoid the whites coming apart. An egg poaching pan takes the hassle out of this process and poached eggs can be used in so many dishes, from breakfast sandwiches to lunch. on top of vegetable side dishes to topping off meats for a dinner main course. They are not only for breakfast! Some of the inserts come with a nonstick or no stick coating to allow the egg to slide easily out of the cup once it is done. The skillet base can be added to general cookware and used without the top insert for stove top cooking of other foods. These kitchen tools make a great gift idea for the person who loves to cook or as a wedding or bridal shower present!