Plastic Mixing Bowls Sets for Baking and Cooking

Kitchen Plastic Mixing Serving Storage Bowl Sets

Collapsible, stackable or single bowls with or without storage lids. Plastic mixing and serving bowls are a best gift idea for brides at weddings, bridal showers, as a present for the cook on a gift giving list r housewarming gifts. For sale in individual single pieces or as sets that come with handy storage lids making it easy to serve a side dish of food at at a meal then later store leftovers in a fridge with a snap on fit lid on top. They can be used as food prep dishes for baking cakes and pies or other batters from breakfast pancakes to biscuits, or for mixing a sauce to pour over a side dish of vegetables. Use them for making stuffing or mixing deviled egg yolks, the uses as a cooking tool are endless. Fora any recipe or meal. These sets can be stackable with several bowls fitting inside one another. Shop online for a new set of plastic mixing and serving bowls for yourself or as a gift a cooking friend’s kitchen! Buy Kitchen Plastic Mixing and serving bowls sets by Oxo Zac in different quart sizes.