Pizza Cutter in Wheel or Rocker Knife Style

Pizza Cutter Wheel Rocker Knives Kitchen Cutlery

They are great for serving casual dinners to family and friends, as an after school snack for kids or to serve as food while watching a football game on tv. For any cook who bakes homemade pizza you need the best pizza cutter in your kitchen accessories set for the job. This is a specialized type of cutlery made solely for the purpose of slicing into baked crust and topping without mashing the food. It need to be sharp enough to go through crunchy crust and vegetables or meat, and also slice melted cheese cleanly. One style is a hand help pizza wheel. This cooking utensil is just what it sounds like – a wheel knife on a roller that you roll across the pie and cut into sections. Most feature silicone handle grips to make them easy to hold on to and they are frequently made out of stainless steel. Stainless steel is long lasting and durable metal which is rust resistant and dishwasher safe for easy clean up. A pizza wheel cutter needs to be sturdy enough to handle the downward pressure as you press on it to cut through crust and toppings. Another style pizza cutter is a pizza rocker knife. This is a curved blade that you rock back and forth to cut through baked pie. They should have easy grip handles to hold on to the knife safely. A pizza rocker knife can be easier to sharpen than a wheel cutter and they are also more versatile. You can use a rocker knife as a kitchen too to dice potatoes, chop herbs, cut vegetables, slice fruit, mince onions and more. Buy pizza cutters cooking utensils. Pizza is one of those meals everyone loves.