Pitchers with Lid Glass, BPA Free Plastic

Pitcher with Lid and Pouring Spout in Glass or Plastic

Large and small sizes. Most homes store some sort of daily drinking fluid in a pitcher in their refrigerator. Sometimes it is iced tea or lemonade, sometimes water. Busy family will pull out the beverage pitcher over and again daily. For daily drinks storage a pitcher with a lid is mandatory. The cover not only keeps a beverage fresh it also helps from having liquid spill when we pull it out of the refrigerator or slide it around to get to food behind it. Most often these pitchers with lids are made out of acrylic or plastic as they are safe from being broken and shatterproof if dropped by accident. Of course this material is light weight and chip resistant, along with being a best pick for outdoor entertaining where the safety risk of dropping a container of beverages on a stone or cement patio is less. Plastic is also good for homes with kids since it is shatterproof and won’t break if dropped on the kitchen floor when removing from the fridge. They are dishwasher safe and durable, often large capacity to suit family needs. Another type of pitcher with cover is a glass unit. These are most often used for serving mixed drinks such as martinis or sangria and perfect for evening entertaining or dinner parties. Often tall and elegant, the look great on a serving table where drink dispensers and containers are set to allow guest to serve their own beverages. Some even feature built in ice storage compartments to keep beverages cold without watering down the drink. Buy covered pitchers for Mixed Drinks, iced tea, lemonade or water.