Pie Weights String Beads in Ceramic or Stainless Steel

Loose or String Pie Weights in Ceramic or Stainless Steel

Pie weights are an old fashioned cooking tool used by bakers. It’s a kitchen accessory that you don’t see often however they are valuable kitchen tools for anyone who enjoys baking pies. A set of pie weights is a utensil used to weigh down tart or pie crust pastry while baking. These are commonly seen if a crust makes to be partly baked or what is called blind baked, prior to filling to see to it that a crust holds its form without becoming warped or misshapen. When they are not placed on top of the crust pastry for blind baking, the pastry dough can typically pull back from the sides of a pie pan and shrink or warp in shape. In order to use baking pie weights, set the uncooked pastry crust inside a pie plate as you normally would, forming the dough to the pan. On the top of the crust you would then lay a sheet of aluminum foil and lightly press down upon it until the foil covers the entire bottom as well as sides of the dough. Fill the aluminum foil with your pie weights and bake as the recipe states. Pie weights are normally taken off midway through overall cooking time to allow the bottom of a crust a opportunity to become crispy and bake all the way through. The precise weight of pie weights does not matter as long as the ones used have adequate weight to hold the crust in place as it bakes. Often they are designed in bead form on strings and made of stainless steel and others are loose small, pea sized ceramic balls or beads. Both work well. After baking, ceramic pie weight beads may be cooled down and stored in a plastic bag until the next time they are needed for baking or pie making. Buy