Pie Crust Shield Ring Set Adjustable Silicone, Aluminum

Pie Crust Shield – Silicone, Stainless Steel, Aluminum Baking Rings

Many cooks use aluminum foil for baking pies and keeping the edges of the crust from browning or getting burned. Foil can be a problem to shape perfect and is too light weight to stay in place. For a handy addition to a kitchen tools or accessories collection, use pie crust shield to protect the outer crust edges as an entire pie cooks perfectly. The great feeling of passing hours making a homemade dessert or meat pie might be destroyed if a pie crust burns. Instead of having to over cook the edges as the center of the pie cooks you can use a shield or pie ring. How to Use Pie Crust Shields: Many cooks use a pie shield every time they bake. They habitually slip a ring designed to fit over just the edge crust any time a pie or crust is put in an oven. The top edges of a baking crust on the rim of a pan is completely unprotected from the heat of an oven. A pie pan will heat up and bake the crust as well as the upper parts while edges would be exposed to extreme hot air inside an oven. It is not a surprise the lips of pies get burnt. Using aluminum foil arranged carefully along the edges to keep them from burning does not work too well. Pieces of foil may fall off or drop into the filling and make a mess plus ruin dessert. You could avoid all this hassle by slipping a pie shield over every pie prior to setting it in an oven. Pie shields are durable and reusable, and dishwasher safe. They are made out of long lasting aluminum or silicone and come in different pan sizes. Some are even adjustable! It's a great kitchen tool to give as a gift for the cook in your life. Buy