Pie Carrier with Handle, Lid Double or Single Basket

Pie Carrier Totes with Handles, Pie Caddy Pans with Lid Covers

This is particularly true during the holiday seasons, and mid summer when outdoor pool parties are in full swing. A handy kitchen tool for carrying a pie to a party or event is a pie caddy or carrier. Most of these come with handles attached to the top and locking bottom trays to keep the lid securely in place. An entire pie pan may be set inside the bottom tray, the lid snapped on and you are ready to travel. They can set easily on the floor of a car for transport, simply make sure the pie carrier is secure so that it does not slide around the auto when traveling. The pie carrier cover will keep the desserts inside from getting smashed while driving. They are also great kitchen accessories because you can use them every day as food storage containers for food you cook at home. It is a cooking tool not only for carrying but for leftover storing as well after a family dinner. A pie carrier with handles is a great gift idea for a baker you know or as a wedding present. Consider giving one to a new bride at a bridal shower to start her kitchen cookware and bakeware collection with, or buy one for your own home and have a handy cooking tool for your families every day use. While designed for pies, a caddy can also be used as a food storage container for cookies, rolls, or any baked goods you choose. Buy Pie Carriers. Many cooks love to bake pies and take them to parties or family gatherings.