Pewter Beer Mug Steins – Engraved Tankard, with Lid, Glass Bottom

Pewter Beer Mugs, Steins and Tankards

Beer glasses can be personalized and are a great addition to a home bar or as a gift. A beer stein, often called just a stein, is an English term for both traditional beer mugs made out of pewter or other ornamental material and is considered an decorative beer mug which are typically for sale as keepsakes or collectible servingware. In German the word Stein means stone and does not refer to refer to a drink container. Beer steins may be constructed out from stoneware, pewter, or sometimes silver, and these could come with open top designs or feature hinged pewter lids. The lids have a thumb lever to lift the top off and drink. Steins normally are available sizes of a half liter and full liter sizes. As with ornamental tankards, beer steins are often decorated in a and sometimes provide a space in the side so it may be engraved with a name or personalized as a gift. They are thought by some that the lid was added in the era of the Black Plague and thought to prevent diseased fleas from landing inside a beverage or beer. A tankard is a type of drinkware made up of a large, more or less tube shaped, drinking cup featuring a single handle attached to the side. Tankards can be made of pewter. A tankard might come with a hinged lid or top, as well as tankards with glass bottoms have become familiar. Tankards are formed and used like beer steins. Metal tankards frequently have a glass bottom. The tale is that a glass bottomed tankard had been designed as a way of turning down the King’s shilling, that is draft into the British armed forces. The person drinking from the mug could see a coin at base of the glass and turn down a drink, and avoid conscription. buy Pewter Beer Steins, Mugs and Tankards with Glass Bottoms and Lid.