Pastry Blender Dough Cutter Tool

Pastry Blender Dough Cutter Kitchen Tools for Baking Pastries

A pastry blender, dough cutter or pastry cutter is a cooking tool used to mix ingredients when make pastries, bread and pies. Most often it is used to mix solid, hard fat or shortening into flour when making pastries and pie crusts at home. It is a cooking utensil which is frequently made of narrow strips of metal or wires which is attached to a handle for a baker to grasp easily. A cook would blend the ingredients by pressing down on ingredients to be blended and rocking the unit back and forth. Described in a recipe, this method is called cutting in. A pastry blender is also used to break up fats such as lard, shortening or butter into smaller pieces or soften them up. An advantage to using a dough cutter us the ability a cook has to mix ingredients such as flour and butter while the butter is still hard without the butter melting. Handles can be made out of plastic and acrylic for standard home use, although traditional dough cutters feature wood handles. Plastic is dishwasher and will last for years. Wood is for chefs who use them more often while cooking as they can be easier to grip and hold on to while in use and mixing slippery materials such as lard or fats. Some come with silicon easy grip handles which are simple to clean and also may be placed inside a dishwasher. The blades of a pastry blender are frequently blade out of durable, long lasting stainless steel and should last for years. They are rust proof and may be easily cleaned as the blades are evenly spaced allowing room to clean materials from between then. The cutting blades are not sharp like a traditional knife as they are not designed to cut through anything beside soft shortening and fats or bread dough. While they should not be allowed to become completely dull they rarely require any sharpening. Buy pastry blenders and dough cutters. Cooking utensils used for blending ingredients and baking pastries.