Pancake Mold Sets in Shapes and Letters

Pancake Mold Sets in Heart, Mickey Mouse, Round, Star, Bear, Airplane and Flowers

A quality set of pancake molds is a great cookware tool to add to a kitchen accessories set. They are molds to set in the bottom of a hot pan or skillet and drop pancake batter into to cook inside the shape and create fun, creative shapes. They are a wonderful idea for kids breakfast to get children to eat breakfast foods, or to use when company is over and you want a fun addition to the dining table or meal. Pancake molds can also be used for dropping fried eggs, crepe batter or dessert batters into as well. Many are made with nonstick surfaces to make removing the food out of the shape easier. Some are made of silicone and most are easy to clean in a dishwasher and dishwasher safe.Pancake Mold Sets can come in many designs, from classic in hearts, to cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse, in traditional round for egg sandwiches and Benedict, whimsical star, cute ears, favorite boys airplane and pretty flowers. Breakfast does not have to be boring! Surprise your family or loved ones by cooking up a batch of happy pancakes or other food. They also are a fantastic gift idea for a Mom, or anyone who loves cooking and baking. Give them as a gift during a bridal shower or as a wedding present. or buy a set of pancake molds for your own kitchen and start cooking fun recipes for breakfast and desserts!