Onion Bin Storage Containers, Cut or Whole

Onion Storage Canisters and Baskets for Red, Yellow or White

Most cooks use onions as an ingredient in cooking many meal recipes for their family. You can buy whole onions in bulk bags or as single pieces, but still the question of how to store onions until needed is an issue. Onions should not be stored in plastic bags like they come in the grocery store. They should be removed and placed in a container or canister that allows for air flow. They also should not be kept in a refrigerator for storage as this can alter the flavor and sugar in them. Whole onions should be stored in a cool, dark kitchen canister or onion bin until needed. They should be kept out of the sunlight. Onion bags or sacks are perfect for the job and can be quite attractive to match kitchen decor and simply set on top of a counter top or in a cabinet. Keep them away from potatoes as onions absorb moisture easily. Once an onion had been cut and there are leftover pieces, they can be put in a sealed onion container and the refrigerator used as a storage space. On cut onion container is designed to hold a single cut onion and will seal in the moisture and smell, keeping your onion fresh until you need it for another recipe. These containers are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Don’t store in the refrigerator too long! Yellow onions keep best and are the most suitable for longer storage periods but red onions or white may also be put aside in this manner. buy Onion Bin Storage Containers and Baskets for Red Yellow or White Cut or Whole onions.