Muffin Crown Pans Jumbo, Mini Top Only Baking Pans

Muffin Crown Pans Large, Jumbo, 6 or 12 Nonstick Muffin Top Bakeware

For those people who love to pull just the tops off muffins and not eat the rest, there is now specialty bakeware a cook can use to bake only the tops of muffins. They are called muffin crown pans and feature a flat baking sheet with shallow cups to hold enough muffin batter to keep the food from sliding while baking, but will bake a crown only muffin. The crown rises above the pan like a typical tin but no more picky eaters not wanting the bottom! Muffin to cookware can come in chefs preferred stainless steel or aluminum which contains no coating to react with cake batter and ruin a recipe. Aluminum and stainless steel is great for baking and cooking. It is completely oven safe and can withstand high oven temperatures and heat, and is less likely to get scratched and dinged by cooking utensils. It is a tough metal and is dishwasher safe, so simple to clean. Aluminum and stainless steel is also rust proof so can handle being soaked in a sink of soapy water. Some bakers prefer a nonstick or no stick coating on their pots and pans and you can buy muffin top pans with nonstick surface as well. This helps make removing the food off of the pan easier once it has been baked and cooled down, meaning less broken muffins! They can come in jumbo or large sizes and can feature six (6) or twelve (12) cavity circles per pan. A muffin crown pan is a great idea for teaching kids cooking lessons as children love the idea of a muffin with no bottom! Buy muffin top bakeware.