Mini Pancake Pan Frying Small Silver Dollar and Molds

Mini Pancake Pan Molds – Dutch, Russian Blini

Mini Pancake Pans for Dutch, Russian Blini in nonstick or cast iron stove top cookware. Mini pancakes are a great food for kids breakfast. They are small portions for children’s size, along with being a tasty treat. Not only that, mini pancakes are also used to make traditional desserts. A traditional Russian dish is blini, a wonderful side dish most often served topped with a thick, full-fat sour cream sour cream called smetana and caviar. The dough or batter is typically made with buckwheat flour with as a raising agent of yeast rather than baking powder.For either kids foods or blini a cook needs to use a mini pancake pan. For kids there are fun designs featuring patterns in the bottom so food cooks with animals, cartoon characters and classic smiley face patterns. These molds can come in cast iron or nonstick surfaces, making the pancake batter easier to slide out and be removed from the pan once it has cooked on a stove top. Other mini pancake pans simply create small sized pancakes to use for desserts and side dishes or as a breakfast food. These also are frequently cast iron or noon stick. A mini pancake pan is one of the best pieces of cookware to give the chef on you gift giving list to add to their kitchen accessories, or as a great wedding present idea or bridal shower. Theses molds can also be terrific housewarming presents to begin a cookware collection.