Microwave Egg Cooker Poacher, Poached Eggs

Microwave Egg Poacher – Poached Egg Cooking Dish

For making soft boiled eggs in a microwave oven. People love poached eggs. They are great for a breakfast sandwich on English muffins, toast or croissants, or on top of fresh tomatoes and baked in the oven, or to top vegetables such as asparagus. When you have company staying at the house, poached eggs is one of the best breakfasts to serve guests. Cooking poached eggs is not a simple cooking chore as they are dropped in swirling. boiling water and often separate or fall apart. Today a part of any kitchen accessories you can have microwave oven safe dishes specifically designed to cook soft boiled or poached eggs using a safe method. These microwave egg poachers are cup shaped and easy to hold an pull out of the oven, and cook a perfect egg in seconds. They are often made out of a silicone material to be both microwave safe and also be used stove top in pans of boiling water for a standard recipe. Many are easy to wash and clean as they are dishwasher safe and can be put right inside a dishwasher. A Microwave egg poacher is one of those cooking tools you will use more than you thought you would once you buy one. They are a best gift giving idea for a bridal shower or as a wedding gift for newlyweds, or as a birthday or holiday present for anyone you know who enjoys cooking. It’s cookware tools you will love for years to come.