Microwave Bacon Cooker Wave Tray Racks with Lid

Microwave Bacon Cooker Tray, Cooking Racks, Plates and Platters

Cooking bacon in a microwave safe dish is a healthy way to cook this food. Trays have raised ridges to keep fat and grease at the bottom of the plate, while hanging racks for strips of bacon allow grease to drain into a platter or pan below. A microwave bacon cooker will cook your food either to a crisp texture or a soft consistency, which all depends on on how much cooking time it is allowed in a microwave oven. Cleaning bacon cookers is a simple task. Either was by hand in a sink with hot water and regular de greasing dish soap or rinse well and clean in a dishwasher. Most are dishwasher safe. You can use this kitchen accessories to make perfect BLT sandwiches or your favorite breakfast, or cook crisp bacon to use as a topping on salads. They are fast and easy to use – no more pulling frying pans or skillets out of the cabinets and dealing with messy clean up and food stuck to pans that require heavy scrubbing later. The best microwave bacon cooking plates should last for years to come and are heavy duty and long lasting. They are a great gift idea for someone moving into a new home as a housewarming gift, as a wedding present for a newlywed couple, for someone you know who loves to cook quick meals or as a part of a kitchen tool collection for a new bride at a bridal shower.