Lime Lemon Squeezer Kitchen Home Bar Accessories

Lime Lemon Squeezer – Cooking Tool or Home Bar Supply

A lemon squeezer is simple concept. It is a small kitchen took made to extract the juice of limes, lemons or different citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit. They are made to removed and press the pulp of a slice of fruit using a technique which is simple to operate. Lemon squeezers may be made out of any acid resistant, solid material, such as stainless steel, aluminum or other metal, plastic, ceramic or glass. The idea behind a lemon squeezer is basic: Pressure is placed upon the lemon to push the juice as well as pulp from the rind; juice along with pulp typically fall through an attached filter or sieve. A squeezer itself need to withstand the squeezing pressure and be firm to hold so soft, easily flexible materials such as silicone can’t be used to make them. Since lemon juice has a high acid content, a squeezer may only be constructed from acid resistant materials. Cooks use them when small amounts of juice are needed for cooking and baking, and when entertaining they are a great kitchen accessory for a home bar. Bartenders use them to squeeze fresh lemon or lime juice into mixed drinks. As a cooking tool they preform a simple task and are very effective at that task. Most are easy to clean in a sink with regular dish soap and hot water while many are also dishwasher save. For a handy kitchen utensil, try a lemon squeezer. Buy Citrus Juice Lemon Squeezer Kitchen Utensil, Home Bar Tools.