Latte Mugs Coffee Cups Sets Glass, Ceramic Large

Latte Mugs Coffee Cups Sets Saucers

Jumbo and large 20 oz coffee cup sets in decorative ceramic, stoneware, insulated and stainless steel for serving steaming cups of latte. These mugs are large and over sized for latte and other mixed coffee beverages or drinks. Latte mugs are large coffee cups which usually have a tapered V shape, and are wide at the top then taper to a narrow base. They usually feature a small, C shaped handle placed close to the bottom or somewhere in the middle of the cup. The are for sale in sets or as single cups and can come with or without matching saucers. They are the perfect servingware for cafe latte, macchiato, cafe au lait, or hot chocolate drinks where the main liquid is frothed milk rather than water as it would be with regular coffee. A latte beverage should fill a cup to the brim with thick milk foam top holding without spilling over. Wonderful for home use to add to a kitchen dish and serving set or as a gift for the coffee lover in your life. They are an elegant, sophisticated touch to a serving set when entertaining or having friends over to the house for a late brunch. For personal use, spoil yourself with a classy morning cup of coffee in a beautiful, decorative ceramic mug. Most are microwave and dishwasher safe. There is sure to be a style and design to blend with personal taste and decorating theme. Best pick for a housewarming gift, birthday, anniversary or as a present for yourself. Relax in the kitchen or on the porch and enjoy latte made at home.