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A blender is one of those household kitchen appliances no home should be without. They are handy for chopping, stir, mixing and blending food or liquids. Often they are used in home bars for mixing frozen beverages such as margaritas. They can also be used to make non alcoholic drinks such as milkshakes and smoothies. Some are powerful enough to make crushed ice drinks, and if this is what you need, make sure that it is strong enough. The blades in the bottom of the mixing jar should be stainless steel and should state that it is powerful enough to crush ice. In a kitchen a blender is great for making dips and sauces when cooking, particularly in large batches for entertaining guests. They come in multiple speeds for simple stir to fast speeds for purees. This cooking appliances is handy in any home. The body of a mixer is usually a tempered hard glass that removes from the motor base and provides a pour spout to pour liquid and mixes out of the bottle and into whatever container you need. They are clear and easy to clean, most are dishwasher safe. The capacity can vary on blenders from single serving one cup sizes to large capacity, busy family sizes with measurements marked on the side of the glass. A blender is a stable small kitchen appliance for cooking and baking, or mixing fun summer drinks. Add fruit or other food for a special treat. They make great housewarming, wedding or bridal shower gifts.