Jumbo Muffin Pans Large Texas Size Cupcake

Large Muffin Tins – Jumbo Texas Cupcake Pans Nonstick, Aluminum Silicone or Stainless Steel

Jumbo and large muffin tins are not only used for making great over sized breakfast muffins or bread, they may also be the perfect cookware to use for cupcakes, molded gelatin, mini angel food cakes, ice cream or dessert mousse. Any dessert that calls for a mold pan may be baked in a large muffin pan. These over sized pans are also known as Texas muffin tins and jumbo muffin tins. They feature over sized cavity for pouring batter or gelatin in and make great breakfast muffins or cornbread for meal style sandwich plates. Large muffin pans can be made out of bakers favorite aluminum or stainless steel without a coating to react with food and batter, Aluminum is a tough metal and can withstand regular use. It does not ding or mark as easily as other metals and is not likely to become scratched up by cooking utensils. Aluminum or stainless steel is also rust resistant and should last for years. Being dishwasher safe makes it a simple task to clean after baking. Large muffin pans may also come with a nonstick surface so food can be removed from the cups easier after it has cooled down to room temperature, This is an advantage for may bakers or those who want to use less grease prior to cooking. Less greasing of the pan means fewer calories for family and friends. Large muffin pans make a great bride’s gift at a bridal shower or the perfect wedding present for newlyweds. They are also wonderful housewarming gifts for a new home. Paper liners of the correct size are for sale for making cupcakes in large muffin tins as well, so you are not limited! Buy large muffin tins in Texas Jumbo size cupcake pans. Available made in nonstick coating, aluminum or stainless steel materials.