Japanese Rice Noodle Bowl Sets with Lid, Chopsticks Gift Box

Japanese Rice Bowl Sets – Udon Noodle Vegetable

If you ever serve Japanese Udon Noodle Soup, part of your servingware set should be an Asian soup bowl. These are small, deep sided bowls with a wide mouth perfect for Asian style flat bottom spoons. They are designed to hold other types of food such as clear soup, rice or noodle based soups as well but are traditionally referred to as soup bowls. Many come with lid covers to keep food warm before a meal. They can be made out of ceramic which is the classic material, stoneware or porcelain. A few modern designs re made of glass and some out of long lasting and durable plastic. While ceramic soup bowls are traditional they can also be made in many patterns and colors to blend with a dish set or servingware. Lovely oriental flowers and symbols may be used as decorative accents and be a lovely statement on a table when hosting a dinner party or entertaining. If Asian cooking or Japanese food is your style, Japanese soup bowls are the perfect choice for a kitchen dishes collection. Many also come in beautiful gift set boxes or with spoons and other serving pieces to give as gifts. For home Asian food or Japanese cooking, entertaining or to give as gifts, a Japanese soup bowl set is a unique and artistic choice. Buy Japanese Soup Bowl Sets with Lid or without for Miso Udon Noodles, Rice, Vegetables, Wonton Soup.