Japanese, Chinese Soup Spoon Sets Melamine, Plastic or Porcelain

Asian, Japanese or Chinese Spoon Sets for Wonton Soup

The Chinese spoon or Asian soup spoon is a style of serving spoon used in Japanese or Chinese cooking featuring a short, heavy handle leading straight off a deep, flat bottom bowl. They are used as servingware for eating Asian stye soups, stews, or solid food like rice. A Chinese soup spoon is typically made with porcelain or ceramic, however some are made of plastic. Asian spoons often are made with higher sides as well as are able hold more food than a standard soup spoon. Even though typically used for an eating utensil, large sizes of the Chinese spoon can be sometimes used as cooking, serving spoons or as soup ladles. Other forms are made with a patterned shape and many may be stacked together for easy storage. This style of soup spoon can be best for thick soups with noodles or thin broth based soups. Asian culture has perfected the art of cooking soup. and the spoon shape is great when hosting parties or entertaining and serving Japanese food or Chinese food. They are for a bowl of sweet and sour soup, egg drop soup, miso soup, wonton soup or other oriental recipes. A set of Japanese soup spoons is a great gift for anyone who loves Asian cooking or Japanese food. Buy Asian, Japanese or Chinese Spoon Sets for Wonton Soup made of Porcelain, Ceramic or Plastic.