Insulated Beverage Tub Cooler Stainless Steel or Acrylic

Insulated Beverage Tubs in Stainless Steel or Plastic

If you like to host parties or do any home entertaining, an insulated beverage tub can be a great way to serve drinks and beverages buffet style. They are large containers and buckets made out of plastic, galvanized stainless steel or clear acrylics which are used to fill with ice and bottled or canned drinks. Much larger than standard ice buckets, you can fit six packs, beer bottles, or cases of soda or wine coolers in them and set on a side table wherever beverage dispensers and coolers are placed. Insulated beverage coolers are typically double walled so keep drinks cold longer than non insulated styles. These are a best pick for outdoor parties on a deck or entertaining pool side. Most feature handy drain holes in them to empty out water from melted ice later. Cleaning them out is as simple as wiping down with a damp cloth and putting in storage for when you wish to use them later. They are the best choice for allowing guests to serve themselves and not having people constantly having to go to a kitchen refrigerator to freshen a drink. They also save space in the refrigerator since they keep beverages and drinks cold. Some have lids but most are open top designs. They are for sale in silver, copper, contemporary modern clear styles or a wide assortment of colors. For serving drinks not much is as simple! Buy insulated beverage tubs with floor stands or table top.