Ice Bucket with Lid Sets Home Bar Barware

Ice Bucket with Cover Set – Champagne or Wine Bottle Coolers and Chillers

Ice Buckets for holding cubes for self serve beverages at a party. With or without tongs. Champagne or Wine Bottle Coolers and Chillers. An ice bucket is a hollow cylinder shaped container for holding ice and a bottle for chilling bottled drinks, most often wine or champagne. Some have lids to serve as ice for refilling ice cubes in beverages or mixed drinks in a home bar. They are used when entertaining for keeping a chilled beverage or drink on a dining or side buffet table for pouring and refilling glasses. Usually they are designed to hold a single beverage bottle but larger ice buckets are available to hold up to three. Larger sizes than that are typically considered beverage tubs and no longer an ice bucket. Frequently ice buckets are made to sit on a table top or counter top to be within handy reach however some are made with stands built in to be able to sit next to a table or for outdoor entertaining or parties.They are a standard kitchen tool for a wine connoisseur or a kitchen tool found in most home bars where people like to entertain frequently. They come in many styles and colors to blend with a home decorating or serving ware scheme. Some can be insulated ice buckets for keeping bottles chilled longer and have a double walled, insulated layer. An insulated ice bucket is a best pick for outdoor entertaining on a patio, pool side or on a deck. They may be made of many different materials to suit personal style and taste from modern glass to traditional crystal, or for a more contemporary look, stainless steel. Ice buckets are made to be portable. Some feature a lid for holding ice to use in drink glasses while others have an open top for a bottle neck to stick out of for grabbing to refill beverages.