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Pizza Making Machines by Bella and Presto, Home Kitchen Appliances

A pizza maker is a great tool for any kitchen accessories collection. They are specialty cooking tools designed just for the task of baking the perfect pizza. It’s a great after school kids snack or handy to whip up a quick dinner or meal, or to serve as finger food for guests when you have company over to watch the big game on tv. A pizza maker machine works like a large sandwich press. You place the dough or crust in the bottom of the machine and add your favorite toppings and cheese, then close the top and allow the food to bake. They are temperature controlled and usually include different settings. Once the pizza is done baking, it is easily removed form the bottom plate to serve for a meal. Most often the plates feature a nonstick coating to keep pizza from sticking to the surface so you can remove it easily. The bottom plates are removable so they will be easy to wash. For nonstick surfaces you may soak them in a sink of soapy hot water and wash by hand or place in a dishwasher. While they are dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended to keep the pizza maker in top shape so the plates last for years. A pizza maker machine is a great small kitchen appliance for a busy family or as a gift for a student. They are also wonderful bridal shower and wedding presents or can be given as a fun housewarming gift. Children love make pizza so they can be used as a fun method to teach kids cooking. Buy pizza maker machines