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A small hand held mixer is a handy gadget to have in any home kitchen. While stand up mixers are great for baking larger amounts of food, they can be big and bulky and difficult to pull in and out of cabinets or storage areas. A small hand held mixer is great for smaller cooking tasks such as beating a few eggs or blending lower volumes of ingredients for baking or cooking an every day meal. Hand held blenders are light weight and the beaters designed to simply pop in and out of the machine motor body, making them easy to clean up. The metal beaters can be cleaned in a dishwasher or sink, and the motor body wiped down with a damp cloth. These units are electric so have long power cords to plug into a wall electric outlet reach over counters to where your food cooking space is and have bowls. Some even feature handy retractable cord cases built into the hand held unit for simple cord storage. A few are battery operated and feature rechargeable batteries. The battery operated units are great if you cook often and require a hand held mixer so intend to keep the battery charged. For less frequent use, an electric unit is more convenient as there s no delay while waiting for a charge. Just plug in and cook!