Grill Press Cast Iron, Bacon, Meat Pan or Grills

Bacon Meat Presses – Cast Iron for Outdoor Grilling or Indoor Pan

Circle or rectangle shape with handles. A bacon press, or meat press is a great idea for anyone who loves to cook. Usually made of cast iron, a meat grill press is used to hold meats such as bacon or pork chops which tend to curl at the ends down flat in a pan or on a grill while cooking. They are also used to cook panini sandwich in a pan or on a griddle. They are a best pick for making quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, a thick filled panini sandwiches, or pork chops. May cooks use them frequently for outdoor grilling. While cast iron is the material of choice for a meat press, a few of these cooking tools made of glass. This is for indoor stove top cooking so that heavy cast iron does not scratch the pan, particularly if you are using pots and pans with a nonstick surface. Some bacon presses also are made out of metals with a no stick surface themselves for easier cooking and to help not have meats stick to the surface of the press. They are great for making bacon which tends to curl but cooks it flat, perfect for BLT sandwiches, Use them to make grilled cheese for a perfect lunch that stays heated all the way through.A bacon press or meat press is a terrific gift idea for the chef on your gift giving list, or person who loves to cook breakfast, or the grill master in your life.