Gravy Separator, Fat Strainers in Glass Measuring Cup

Gravy Fat Separator, Soup Strainer with Measurement Marks

Glass or acrylic plastic straining measuring cups. Among the messiest tasks when cooking is separating the juice of cooked meat out of the fat which has escaped while baking or broiling. In order to separate the fat from juices, a cook will use a kitchen tool called a fat separator. These are sometimes called gravy separators. This is a bit of basic information on fat separators, which includes how to use this useful cooking tool. Occasionally called a fat skimmer, the function of a fat separator is to enable liquid fat to be taken out of the meat juices which drained out of meat in the food preparation process. That enables juices to be set aside for gravy or sauce. A gravy separator in a kitchen gadgets set can also be the best method of reducing fat content of several different food types, making them more healthy for the health conscious family. Liquid fat need to be divided out of the drippings of a roast or other meat type prior to cooking gravy. Fat also must be separated from a hot pot of stock before making soup. Fortunately, separating liquid fat is a simple task using a specially made fat separator tool, also known as soup strainer or gravy strainer. There are different types: pitcher style measuring cups featuring sharply tilted spouts set in the base of a measuring cup, ladles featuring slots around the border, as well as fat mops which are brushes having long, soft bristles constructed out of plastic fibers. The most common style is the measuring cup which is basically pitchers having a long pouring spout placed in the bottom, similar to small watering cans used to reach hanging house plants. Once the fluid settles inside a container, you may pour it out, finishing right before a layer of fat floating at the top gets to the spout opening. Buy fat separator cup gravy separator kitchen accessories.