Gravy Boat with Saucer, Lid and Ladle

Gravy Boats with Saucer in Pyrex Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Ceramic or Stoneware

A gravy boat is a simple concept of a kitchen serving bowl with a handle on one end and a pouring spout on the other. They are small enough to be picked up with one hand and are used at parties or dinners for buffets style entertaining. Guests can pour as much or as little sauce as they want on their food. They are valuable kitchen tools. Some come with or without a base or bottom plate attached and they may be made from glass such as clear pyrex, beautiful classic white porcelain, fine china or ceramic and stoneware in many colors. Gravy boats with saucers may be used for meat gravy, vegetable side dish cheese sauce or even dessert toppings. A gravy boat with a saucer is a standard piece found in any dishes or servingware collection. While some gravy boats come without a serving plat to set them on, many hosts and hostess prefer to use one with a dish attached. When used as a serving platter the dish keeps gravy from spilling out onto a table or table cloth when guests pour or ladle out the thick liquid. A cook appreciates them for handy dishware to serve up any sauce and gravy. Since they are made of so many materials one can be found to match a dishware set. The multiple colors they are for sale in also means it will be easy to match servingware and sets.