Grater Plater Set – Hard Cheese, Garlic Grating Plate

Grater Plater Sets, Garlic Grating Plate

Great kitchen gadgets gift idea. Also for zesting limes, lemons, oranges or other citrus fruit. A grater plater is a simple cooking tool for grating food to a fine texture. The concept is simple – a small ceramic plate has little grating teeth embedded in it and you run the food over the plate to finely chop whatever you need to cook a meal or for recipe ingredients. They are most often used for garlic and can be the best kitchen tool for the job. A small brush that is included in grater plater sets is used to brush the grated garlic into a skillet or pan while cooking or in a mixing bowl for an ingredient. Most grater plater sets also come with a garlic roller to peel cloves of garlic with. They are frequently made out of a silicone material and are tube shaped. A cook would insert the garlic clove into the peeler tube and roll across a counter or between the palms of your hands to remove the skin. The meat or pulp of the garlic clove will fall out the center of the peeling tube while the papery skin is left behind. Most sets will contain the ceramic grating plat, a small brush to remove grated items off the ceramic plate and a garlic clove tube roller peeler. Some grater platers are put together as gift sets and can also contain an attractive ceramic garlic keeper t store cloves in on a kitchen counter. They make unique gifts for a chef or cook or great brides gifts at a shower or as a wedding present. Buy one for yourself as a handy cooking utensil! Buy grater plater sets, kitchen accessories for grating garlic or cheese.