Glass Pitcher Sets with Glasses Pouring Spout, Lid Covers

Glass Pitcher Set with Matching Glassware

With spouts, lids. A pitcher set with glasses should be in a serving dishes collection for anyone who loves home entertaining. Glass is a lovely accent on any table and serving drinks in a glass pitcher with matching tumblers adds a touch of class and sophistication to any table setting. They can be used for formal dinner parties or casual afternoons on the deck visiting with friends and family. Putting drinks out in a pitcher allows a host or hostess to serve food buffet style and guests can be able to refresh their beverages on their own. Simply set on a side buffet or dining table with any other beverage dispensers or dink dispensers you may be using. Pairing a beautiful glass pitcher with matching glasses is perfect. The clear pitchers also allow for a great food presentation since any fruit or citrus added to a drink such as fruit in sangria or lemons in tea or lemonade may be seen through the glass and look pretty. Use them for tea, sangria, mixed drinks, lemonade, punch or any beverage you care to serve. They come in contemporary, modern, casual and old fashioned country designs to suit any decorating theme. A glass pitcher set is a great gift idea for a wedding present or bridal shower. Also they are perfect housewarming gifts, or shop for one for your own kitchen dishes collection! Buy Glass Pitcher Sets for serving sangria, drink, beverage or water.