Glass Cutting Board Tempered Clear or Decorative Pictures

Glass Cutting Boards Clear Tempered or Decorative Glass

A common kitchen accessory is a cutting board, or a cutting board set. Every home needs one as part of their kitchen tools collection to go with a great cutlery set. A cutting board is something we use often and due to its nature, the fact that we run knives across it to slice, mince, chop and cut, means that even if the board sees little use it still has the ability to get damaged, Many people prefer using tempered glass cutting boards as a cooking tool as opposed to other materials. There are several advantages: the surface is not that easy to mark up, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe, as well as the surface of the glass is non porous and not a place germs and bacteria can grow easily. In fact they are best cleaned occasionally with a mild bleach and water solution to keep the surface healthy. Tempered glass cutting boards are difficult to break, it is much harder than normal glass. They can come in clear tempered glass or beautiful patterns in colors to match kitchen decor. Pictures of fruit, flowers, cooking themes or other nature scenes can be printed on the glass itself. They are an attractive addition to any kitchen cooking prep space. If you have a good set of cutlery you should also have a great cutting board to go with it. A tempered glass cutting board is also a great gift idea for newlyweds, bridal shower gifts, wedding or housewarming presents or for the chef on your gift giving list. When you buy one online take care to pick out one with the correct measurements to suit your needs.